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This Underrated Midwest Road Trip Is One Of The Best In The Country

By Amanda Finn


Travel expert Samantha Brown told Business Insider, "I think we as Americans love road trips, and the most underrated road trip there is is through the state of Illinois."
Brown loves the charming Illinois town of Galena and the vintage games in McLean, Illinois, but what makes an Illinois road trip so special to her is the stretch of Route 66.
The famed highway starts in downtown Chicago and winds its way through the state in an epic journey. Brown suggests making a B line along the route when road-tripping Illinois.
Brown suggests making stops along the way at sites like Old Joliet Prison, the Pontiac Oakland Auto Museum, and even Sprague's Super Service Station.
Unfortunately, the road conditions aren't great, and there are many toll roads across Illinois. Keep this in mind before trying Brown's preferred road trip route.