Cruise ship on ocean

To Book Unbelievably Cheap Cruises, Try This Clever TikTok Hack

By Mina Elwell


Cruises can be very expensive, but a TikTok video from user revealed a way to get the best discounts on a cruise: Wait until the last minute to book.
The TikToker suggests searching for cruises that sail within 90 days. At this point, if there are any cabins still available, cruise lines will start offering them for less.
Casper Capital suggests searching for your last minute cruise through the 90 day ticker at Vacations to Go. There, you can find tickets valued at over $25K selling for around $4K.
Unfortunately, booking at the last minute means you won't have as many options in terms of destination, length, cabin, or port, and you may have to book costly last-minute flights.
If a last-minute cruise sounds stressful to you, consider booking a cruise over a year in advance. Cruise lines may reward you with good deals for booking way ahead of time.