Woman walking down street with suitcase

Top Safety Tips For Women Traveling Solo From Rick Steves' Staffers

By Katie Downey


Traveling can be daunting for anyone, but it carries elevated risks for solo female travelers. Rick Steves' female staff have some useful advice to help women feel safer on trips.
According to Rick Steves' female staff, "use the same good judgment you use at home." Limit excursions to open areas with plenty of other people around.
If a man tries to attract an uninterested woman's attention, "don't be overly polite," the staffers note. "If you're bothered by someone, ditch them as soon as they annoy you."
Another crucial tip for a woman traveling solo is never to tell anyone where you are staying or that you are there alone. If needed, lie about staying with friends or a partner.
To avoid theft, be smart about your items. Carry only essentials, divide your money into different places, keep duplicate IDs, and only carry the amount of medicine that you need.