Couple on a seaside walkway

Tourists Shouldn't Forget This Tip When Packing For An International Trip

By Amanda Finn


Before you start packing for a trip, do an online mini-dive into your destination's clothing culture. You should discover fairly quickly what is and is not culturally appropriate.
Being aware of local dress codes shows respect for the culture you're visiting and helps you avoid any fines for dressing inappropriately.
Don't let the popularity of a travel location fool you into thinking they're lax about dress codes, either. For example, modesty is paramount to the culture in the Maldives.
Dress codes aren't always unilateral — in Uganda it was once illegal to wear miniskirts. You'll also get fined for wearing swimwear outside of a beach in Mallorca and Barcelona.
Beyond your destination you need to take into account your style of traveling. If you are keen on church or museum hopping, avoid bare shoulders or too-short shorts or dresses.
It's a good idea to seek out any dress codes for the places you're visiting. The websites should tell you if certain clothes, or even things like hats and sandals, are not allowed.