People getting on tram in Luxembourg

Transportation Is Free In This Hugely Underrated European Country

By Mina Elwell


Luxembourg is only a short trip from France, Belgium, or Germany, and the tiny nation has plenty to explore — much of which is accessible by free public transportation.
There's a lot to do in Luxembourg, like visiting the quaint countryside, shopping at Christmas markets, seeing the fairytale-style Vianden Castle, and touring 17th-century tunnels.
You can see all of these attractions via free public transportation, which the country offers to help reduce traffic and emissions. Many trains, buses, and trams are free to use.
If you're taking a train into Luxembourg, you'll pay a fee, but free transit starts when you enter the country. If you fly in, you can take a free shuttle bus from the airport.
While public transportation is known for being comfortable, clean, and easy to use, some locals complain that the trains are often late, so plan to take extra time to travel.