Rick Steves smiling

Travel Smarter With This Genius Planning Tip From Rick Steves

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


To save yourself the frustration of queueing, Travel guru Rick Steves advises extensive research to discover which destinations require prior reservations and which do not.
"What the smart traveler these days knows is, if you're going to any big city you should do your reading in advance and figure out which sites need to be booked," he stated.
Steves also insists that research is good for more than avoiding lines. "Remember that the more understanding and context you bring to a place, the more you'll enjoy it," he said.
While Rick Steves is a huge proponent of thrift, offering a wealth of tips for staying within budget, he's also the first to tell you not to worry too much about cost-cutting.
"People sometimes focus on saving money while forgetting that their time is equally valuable, and limited. If it will save you a half hour, hop in a taxi," he said.
Steves also advises against cramming as many sights as possible into your visit. "You can't see it all, especially in one trip, and that's a blessing," he told Business Insider.
Instead of forcing a tightly packed schedule, give yourself some leeway to rest easy and slow down mid-trip. Steves calls this a "vacation from your vacation."