Woman relaxing in Blue Lagoon spring

Traveler Reviews Uncover The Most Luxurious Hot Springs Destinations

By Sanjay Surana


Astoria Hot Springs
These springs feature a variety of mineral-loaded pools, from springs fully fed by hot springs to the chlorine-treated Cold Plunge Pool and Children's Pool.
The water at the River Soaking Pools hovers around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Visitors can enjoy the warm water while taking in sweeping views of the Snake River, trees, and peaks.
Bagni San Filippo
These Tuscany hot springs are tucked away among woodland and are free to visit. The views of woods and the clumps of minerals make it a wonderful escape.
One of the focal points is a huge mound of calcium that resembles the mouth of that marine mammal. Some of the pools are really hot, so visitors can even soak in the winter.
Banff Upper
There's lots to admire at these springs, with snow-capped Canadian Rockies visible at every turn and a gorgeous building with historical significance.
The pool is fed by mineral springs throughout the year, and the water contains sodium, sulfate, and magnesium. The springs are also the hottest in Banff National Park.
Banjar Hot Springs
Travelers & Dreamers blog says of these Bali springs, "It's a beautiful hot spring set in a lush jungle garden and is not that frequently visited by tourists."
Its remoteness ensures it isn't overrun by tourists, and its three tiered pools feature sculptures around the edges that draw from Hindu lore and beautiful natural views.
Blue Lagoon
These Iceland springs are a realm of Tiffany blue water and steam. The seawater is geothermally heated and rich in minerals, and the views are beautiful and relaxing.
Tourists can come for a day visit, soak in the waters, and perhaps have a spa treatment. The site also has a hotel with a sleek structure, lining the pools like a pair of arms.