White buildings in Naxos, Greece

Travelers Say These 5 Greek Islands Are Best To Visit During Summer

By Hillary Louise Johnson


Naxos is a growing mecca for foodies and wind sport lovers that lacks the crowds of other Greek islands. Summer is the best time for a food tour in the island's villages.
Naxos offers perfect wind sports conditions, with some of the best, most reliable summer breezes in all of Greece, especially in July and August.
Paxos is a perfect escape from summer crowds, with Venetian-influenced buildings and rich foliage. Celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Bradley Cooper, and Jeff Bezos have visited.
You can also rent a small motorboat to explore the many coves and beaches that aren't accessible any other way, even if you don't have a captain's license.
On this dreamy island, summer brings Goldilocks weather, as its windy conditions make evenings enjoyably cool and the sea is a swimmable 75 degrees.
X users call Milos "exquisite" and "paradise." White cliffs swoop and swirl above Sarakiniko beach, providing places where you can jump off a cliff into an azure inlet.