Man driving a car

Try The Seatbelt Hack To Sleep Safely During A Road Trip

By Mina Elwell


To ease your anxiety when car camping, consider using this trucker secret. All you need to do is loop your seatbelts around your car's armrests or door handles and buckle them up.
With this trick, even if someone smashes your window to get into the car, the door won't open, so you can sleep soundly, knowing no one can break in.
To open the door from the inside, simply unstrap the strap and unwrap the belt. However, make sure that you have a seatbelt cutter in case you need to exit quickly in an emergency.
You can also use a bungee cord by hooking it onto the driver's side door and securing it under the passenger seat. If you need to get out quickly, simply unhook the cords.