Unlock Priority Boarding On Southwest Airlines With This Clever Trick

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


At Southwest Airlines, passengers are sorted into boarding groups A, B, and C and given a number from 1 to 60. A1 boards first, and C60 boards last, usually getting a bad seat.
Southwest says that this process is "quick, easy, and efficient," but it can be a bummer to those in group C. If you don't want a crappy boarding assignment, pay for EarlyBird.
With prices starting at $15 per flight, an EarlyBird Check-In lets you be among those who board first, allowing you to select your desired seat and snag coveted
overhead bin space.
Other ways to get a better seat include Business Select fare and Upgraded Boarding. A Business Select ticket gets you a guaranteed A1 to A15 boarding assignment.
If a flight doesn't fulfill 15 Business Select passengers, Southwest offers other travelers the chance to purchase the A1 to A15 slots, starting at $30 per flight.
You can get free priority boarding if you fly Southwest often via the A-List or A-List Preferred Club. This membership grants you priority boarding and VIP treatment.
It also pays to have a Southwest-branded credit card. Holders of these cards are entitled to up to four Upgraded Boardings per year and are reimbursed later on through credits.