Eiffel tower at sunset

Visit These Cities If You Love Traveling To Paris

By Aimee Long


Hanoi, Vietnam
Hanoi was once a French colony and still has plenty of leftovers that scream "Paris." The French Quarter oozes French charm with the architecture to boot.
One of the best examples of French architecture in Vietnam is the Hanoi Opera House. Hanoi also has French-inspired cuisine, such as the famous bánh mi sandwich and café au lait.
Québec City, Canada
As a Francophone region, Québec is heavily influenced by French culture, and Québec City wows with hilltop castles and light-strewn alleyways to hide away in.
Québec features the famed Château Frontenac and the Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a French feel. You can also find culinary staples like French onion soup and crêpes,
Melbourne, Australia
Like Paris, Melbourne's cafe culture is legendary. You can indulge in a taste of Paris at Reine & La Rue's Cathedral Room inside the Melbourne Stock Exchange.
You'll find traces of Neoclassical and Baroque architecture strewn across the city, and Collins Street oozes Parisian charm. Melbourne will also wow in the world of wine.