Crete, Greece
Visit This Underrated Greek Island For Santorini Charm Without The Cost
By Jenna Busch


While many are familiar with Mykonos and Santorini, Greece offers many underrated options that have just as much charm but without the crowds of tourists.
One of these underrated options is Crete, a large island with two international airports, the ruins of the famous Palace of Knossos, and one of the best pink beaches in the world.
The legendary palace at Knossos dates back to around 7,000 B.C. and is said to be the home of King Minos, the mythical labyrinth, and the Minotaur.
Another place to visit is Chania, a large city with a charming old town area. It has a 16th-century lighthouse and 13th-century castle ruins from prior Venetian occupation.
You can also find the Samaria Gorge trail and Roman ruins on Crete. While you're there, make sure to try raki, an anise-flavored drink, and the local goat cheese.