Person with sandboarding gear climbing dune

Visit This Unique National Park To Climb The Tallest Dunes In America

By Katie Downey


Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. The otherworldly dunes are incredibly tall and constantly changing due to the strong winds.
This vast sandbox is where you can unleash your inner child and have fun exploring the dunes, as the park has plenty of activities like sandboarding, photography, or stargazing.
While the dunes may shift with the winds, their height remains constant. At 750 feet, the Star Dune is the tallest, followed closely by the High Dune at 699 feet tall.
Throughout the day, mini avalanches within the dunes force air out from between grains of sand. This creates a faint sound known as "sand singing," which is truly amazing to hear.
If you visit in late May or early June, you can witness a surge wave coming down Medano Creek. Visitors can also partake in yoga, hiking, backpacking, and more.