Peaks in Death Valley

Visiting This National Park During Summer Has Some Serious Safety Risks

By Mina Elwell


Death Valley National Park in eastern California is famous for its blistering heat, which becomes extremely dangerous in the summer as it soars up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.
Death Valley National Park has been ranked among the world's most dangerous parks, and there have been multiple fatalities there, often due to the heat while hiking.
On a Reddit post about hiking Death Valley in July, one user replied: "Seriously, it's a bad idea. Several people die every year [...] Don't underestimate radiant heat."
Data from the National Parks Service reveals that between 2007 and 2024, 62 people died in the park. In July of 2023, one hiker collapsed in temperatures of 121 degrees Fahrenheit.
Considering how dangerous Death Valley National Park can be in the summer, schedule your trip for another season, or at least don't descend to the valley floor.