Dinosaur tracks in mud

Walk In A Dinosaur's Footsteps On This Incredible Western US Trail

By Jenna Busch


If you've ever wanted to walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs, hike the Picketwire Canyon Trail in southeastern Colorado's Comanche National Grassland.
Along this challenging trek, you can see and touch 150-million-year-old dinosaur tracks from creatures like the herbivore Brontosaurus and the carnivorous Allosaurus.
The Picketwire Canyon Trail has over 1,400 individual dinosaur tracks. You can see different pathways, with some of the Brontosaurus seemingly traveling in groups.
There is no camping on this trail, but you can ride bikes or horses. While hiking, you might see bobcats, antelope, bald eagles, quail, rattlesnakes, and lots of insects.
While the trail isn't easy, seeing the tracks is worth it. Plus, you can visit the ruins of the Dolores Mission, see the old Rourke ranch, and marvel at ancient petroglyphs.
A guided tour from the U.S. Forest Service will give you more info and point out the hard-to-find petroglyphs. The tour costs $20 for adults and $7.50 for kids over five.