A woman on a cruise looking at the ocean
What Happens When A Cruise Ship Changes It's Planned Itinerary
By Nicole Cord-Cruz


When a cruise ship changes its planned itinerary, it can be due to various reasons such as weather conditions, strikes, mechanical difficulties, or other
unforeseen circumstances.
Most cruise lines have terms and conditions that allow them to alter itineraries before departure or even mid-trip without prior notice or any obligation to provide refunds.
However, cruise lines may sometimes offer goodwill gestures such as onboard credits, discounts on future cruises, or alternative ports, although these occurrences are rare.
While it can be pricey, travelers should consider cancel for any reason insurance, which reimburses a significant portion of trip expenses if changes lead them to cancel the trip.
To further mitigate potential losses from itinerary changes, booking with a credit card that offers travel protection and consulting a travel agent can be beneficial.