Woman wearing mask in airplane seat

Why Pro Travelers Always Choose This Seat On An Airplane

By Jenna Busch


Everyone has their preferences when it comes to choosing an airline seat, but if you're a frequent traveler, you likely know that the aisle seat is the best choice on a plane.
The aisle seat means you have less physical contact with another human. Only one arm has to share the armrest, and you can lean away from the other person into the aisle.
Another benefit is having immediate access to your items in the overhead bin, which is especially nice when getting off the plane. You also have easier access to flight attendants.
Passengers in the aisle seat can get to the restroom without asking others to move, and it's easier to see the cart approaching so you can get in and out before it gets to you.
Sitting in the same, cramped position for too long can cause blood clots. If you’re in the aisle seat, you don't have to ask someone to move to get up and walk around.