Woman brushing teeth in hotel bathroom

Why You Can Never Find This Bathroom Essential In A Hotel Room

By Kristin Conard


Hotels come with a ton of amenities. You can often show up with just the clothes on your back and have everything you need — except for toothpaste.
Due to its cost, most hotels forgo including toothpaste. The higher price point for toothpaste has to do with the fact that it's not purely a cosmetic item like other toiletries.
The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) classifies toothpaste with fluoride as both a cosmetic and a drug, so there are more costs associated with its production.
Toothpaste is also not a requirement with AAA, the hotel rating system for properties in North America that's been around since 1937, so hotels focus on other toiletries.
Toothpaste is also not efficiently refillable. In recent years, several hotel brands have started using bulk, refillable options to be more sustainable.
If you did forget your toothpaste, it's worth calling the front desk and asking if they have any. Some hotel brands, like Hyatt, will give you free travel toothpaste if you ask.