Person holding two boarding passes

Why You May Want To Reconsider Relying On Mobile Boarding Passes

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


Mobile boarding passes have long been ingrained in many travelers' routines, but to avoid technical glitches, you might want to print them using the old-school method.
Mobile devices can bail on you at any time, whether from a depleted battery or a poor internet connection, making your digital boarding pass inaccessible.
While digital passes are convenient, they're not 100% reliable. Keeping a physical copy as a backup can mitigate stress and ensure smoother travel.
Some airports are less technologically advanced than others. EasyJet, RyanAir, and Lufthansa have a list of airports on their websites that don't accept mobile boarding passes.
Printing your boarding pass at home could save you more than just time. Airline kiosks often don't work, and if you have the service desk do it, you might pay a ridiculous fee.