Woman in plane window seat

Why You May Want To Rethink Booking A Window Seat On A Plane

By Kristin Conard


The window seat on a plane gives you a great view, but it turns out that sometimes it may have more cons than you'd think.
It's easier to get to your stuff in the overhead bin if you are not in the window seat, and if you'll be needing the bathroom a lot, it’s easier to get there from an aisle seat.
There's also the dreaded "no-window" window seat. If your main goal of a window seat is to have a nice view, skip the potential disappointment and book the aisle seat instead.
Compared to the window seat, the aisle seat also allows you to stretch out and get comfortable without encroaching on the personal space of the person next to you.
Finally, sitting in the window seat with the shade open can also expose you to potentially harmful UVA rays, which can contribute to skin aging and even skin cancer.