Somone holding a drink on a beach in Greece

Why You May Want To Rethink Dining On The Beach In Greece

By Mina Elwell


Visiting the rocky beaches of Greece might be your dream vacation, but if you want to experience Greek cuisine without paying a high bill, eat far away from these touristy areas.
There have been many stories of unfortunate travelers who were misled about the prices of their meals and drinks and ended up paying outrageous amounts.
Some guests have been lured in with offers of two-for-one drinks that turned out to be full-price drinks and "free" sunbeds that required them to buy extremely overpriced drinks.
Others have even reported being repeatedly brought things they didn't order and then charged high prices for them at the end of the meal.
If you're planning to visit any of the major tourist attractions, you should beware of conveniently located restaurants that lure in uninformed travelers.
It's also a good idea to only eat at restaurants with clearly advertised prices on the menu and always read reviews of the places you're interested in eating before you go.