Woman walking past airport window

Why You May Want To Rethink Getting TSA PreCheck

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


TSA PreCheck lets pre-approved travelers keep on shoes, belts, and jackets and doesn't make them unpack liquids and electronics, but the approval process can be a test of patience.
Aside from paying a hefty $78 fee and attending an in-person appointment, you also have to wait for approval, which can take 60 days or more in some cases.
Even after receiving your Known Traveler Number — which must be entered each time you book a flight — the promise of expedited security can fall short during peak travel times.
One X user claimed that they waited 40 minutes despite having TSA PreCheck, and one Reddit user reported the TSA PreCheck line once had a longer wait time than the regular line.
If you still want TSA PreCheck, you may as well opt for Global Entry, which is only $22 more and lets you whisk through U.S. customs when flying back from an international trip.