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Why You Should Pack Tape The Next Time You Stay In A Hotel

By Jenna Busch


When you pack for vacation, consider bringing a roll of duct tape. There are so many things you can do with it, including child- or baby-proofing a hotel room.
There are dangers for children in hotel rooms, such as cords hanging from drapes or window shades. You can use duct tape to secure the cord high up and away from kids.
Another danger spot is outlets, which you can easily cover up with the tape. If you have a very small child, taping the toilet lid down (if there is one) can help prevent drowning.
You can tape the hot water spout in an off position to prevent scalding. If there are sharp corners on the bed frame or table, roll up a little ball of tape to cushion the corners.
Besides child-proofing, you can tape hotel drapes together, keep your suitcase shut if you broke the zipper, or cover a blinking light from the TV or other electronics.