Woman with backpack in airport

Why You Should Reconsider Using A Backpack While Traveling

By Hilary I. Lebow


A trusty backpack is an easy and convenient way to stash your gear while traveling. There's just one problem: it marks you out as a tourist and makes you a target for thieves.
Pickpocketing occurs the most around packed tourist areas and public transportation, where people get wedged together like sardines and get bumped into a lot.
Traditional backpacks don't offer protection against pickpockets, as the zippers are visible, the main pockets face outwards, and the side pockets are shallow and exposed.
The good news is that there are plenty of theft-proof bags on the market. Look for cut-proof material, hidden compartments, locking mechanisms, and RFID-blocking material.
Two clear winners tick all the boxes: Pacsafe and Travelon. From Reddit threads to traveler blogs to industry publications, these brands always seem to come out on top.