Hallway in cruise cabin area

Why You Should Rethink Booking These Cabins For Your Next Cruise

By Leslie Veliz


Having a bad cabin location on a cruise can put a damper on your vacation. That said, here are some tips to reflect on before you start packing for your next cruise.
Areas such as the casino, pool, elevators, eateries, gyms, and other recreational facilities are typically loud, so avoid cabins near these areas if you want it quieter.
In the same vein, refrain from booking a cabin on the vessel's lower decks to avoid hearing the racket caused by the ship dropping its anchor and the ship's engine.
However, if preventing seasickness is a priority, you might want a lower-deck cabin, as increased motion is more commonly felt at the front of the ship.
If noise isn't bothersome, consider staying in a high-traffic area to have quick access to popular attractions. You should also choose these cabins if you have mobility issues.