Baby being held on plane

Why You Should Sit On A Plane's Bulkhead If You're Traveling With Kids

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


There are some airplane seats that are universally dreaded, including a bulkhead seat. However, a bulkhead seat can be a blessing if you're traveling with young children.
Bulkhead seats are right behind the partitions that divide the plane. Some airlines tout these seats as having extra legroom, but other planes have little extra room here.
If you're traveling with a young child, the bulkhead is your new best friend. Many bulkheads are the foundation for bassinets for infants, which is great for a long-haul flight.
American Airlines, Delta, and United all provide bassinets, but you should call ahead since they are usually first-come, first-serve.
Bulkhead seats are also situated closer to the bathrooms, which is a lifesaver if you need a changing table. However, they have zero under-seat storage, which can be a pain.