Woman on plane with champagne flute

Why You Should Think Twice Before Drinking Alcohol At The Airport

By Jenna Busch


A flight attendant with the handle @traveling.mermaidd posted a TikTok video warning people not to drink before getting on the plane, or at least to keep it from being noticeable.
As the attendant said, they're "legally required to kick you off the airplane if you appear to be intoxicated." This rule is per the Federal Aviation Administration.
In addition, no one wants to clean up after a sick passenger, and if you smell like alcohol, you'll make a bad impression on the flight crew and your fellow passengers.
It's embarrassing to be kicked off a plane, but if you stay on the flight and cause a disruption due to intoxication, you could face criminal charges and up to $37,000 in fines.
Before you board, skip the booze and have a ginger ale or water instead. Even on the plane, it's not great to drink alcohol as it can dehydrate you and make you feel terrible.