Person opening water bottle

Why You Should Think Twice Before Drinking Cruise Cabin Water Bottles

By Mina Elwell


In a controversial TikTok video, a woman on a Carnival cruise shared her money-saving hack of drinking the ship’s bottled water, then refilling the bottles with free tap water.
To make her ruse even more convincing, she showed how she reattached the safety seal tag with safety glue so that a new guest would think it contained the original water.
While the TikToker later claimed the video was a prank, many viewers stated that they would never drink the water bottles available for sale in the cabins for this exact reason.
A now unavailable Facebook post from Carnival Cruise Line's Brand Ambassador John Heald said that the video creator was now banned from all Carnival cruises because of her "hack."
Even if the water bottles are safe, their price has spiked in recent years, so it's better to use the filtered water machine in the ship's marketplace to refill your water bottles.