Family taking a picture in Italy

Why You Shouldn't Accept A 'Free' Rose During Your Italy Vacation

By Jenna Busch


When in Italy, if a man approaches and offers you a rose as a "gift," don’t take it. Scammers often do this to couples and then demand that your partner pay money for the rose.
This is a pretty frequent ploy that can happen anywhere tourists gather. It commonly happens to couples, but it can also happen with a group of women traveling together.
There are also different versions of this scam, such as giving a toy to a child and demanding the parent pay for it or asking for spare change in exchange for a bracelet.
To combat this scam, simply give the person offering the rose a firm "No, grazie" and break eye contact. If you're on the street, continue to walk away.
If you've already taken the rose, give it back or politely put it down instead of paying for it. If someone seems overly friendly, keep an immediate eye or hand on your valuables.