Woman taking luggage off conveyer belt

Why You Shouldn't Forget To Remove Baggage Stickers After Your Flight

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


When you head to the airport with your suitcase, make sure that the baggage stickers from your previous trips have been thoroughly removed.
These stickers hold essential details like your name and flight info along with a barcode used in the airport's logistical system to ensure your bag reaches the correct place.
If you have multiple stickers on your luggage, your bag may end up traveling further than you do or even end up at one of the destinations you've flown to in the past.
If you're wondering why the barcodes don't have expiration dates, the Ontario International Airport noted on TikTok that "expiration dates ain't free."
As for those pesky stickers that cling on for dear life, one traveler in the comments of the TikTok video stated, "I just sharpie on old stickers because I can never get them off."