A couple on the deck of a cruise ship
You Can Get Kicked Off An Overbooked Cruise. Here's How To Prevent It
By Nicole Cord-Cruz


If you want to avoid being kicked off an overbooked cruise, consider splurging on a more expensive cabin, perhaps a stateroom, rather than opting for cheaper, bargain options.
Just like business class passengers are rarely denied boarding on overbooked flights, those who invest in pricier accommodations on cruises are more likely to keep their spots.
Additionally, steer clear of guarantee fare cabins or guarantee staterooms, which are sold at lower prices compared to standard cabins and assigned randomly.
Despite their name, these cabins do not ensure a spot and are often the first to be reassigned in cases of overbooking, as cruise lines prioritize higher-revenue passengers.
However, these instances are rare, and if bumped, cruise lines typically offer alternatives such as rebooking, cabin upgrades, full refunds with credits, or even free cruises.