Person pouring cold brew coffee

You Can Grab A Cold Brew Coffee On This American Airline

By Mina Elwell


As of July 1, 2024, those flying with United Airlines have the opportunity to order cold brew coffees from illy on flights over 300 miles (nearly all of United's routes).
Aaron McMillan of United told the press, "illy's canned cold brew is the perfect beverage option for coffee lovers looking to stay energized and focused during their trip."
Unlike other beverages, these coffees may cost extra. If you fly in a premium cabin, you'll get the canned delights for free; if you're in economy, you'll have to pay $6 each.
United is the only major airline in the U.S. serving ready-to-drink cold brew on most of its flights, but it's not the first to offer the option of a cold coffee in the air.
Southwest Airlines offers Community Coffee's Espresso + Cream iced coffee for $4 on select flights, and Delta sells the Explorer Cold Brew on certain routes.