Basilica Of San Marco Italy

You Can't Go Wrong With Visiting Italy At This Time Of Year

By Mina Elwell


While Italy is beautiful in every season, experts on European travel from Rick Steves to Lonely Planet agree that you can't go wrong with a late springtime visit.
While this is one of the busiest times of year for tourism, the destinations are all open, businesses keep longer hours, and there will be beautiful weather across the nation.
While you may have to battle the crowds and pay a premium, that might be preferable to battling the heat in the summer or missing out on Italy's beautiful beach towns in winter.
There are plenty of festivals to enjoy in the spring, such as Liberation Day in Rome, Venice's Festa della Sensa, and Assisi Calendimaggio, where people dress in Medieval costumes.
However, if your number one concern for your vacation is avoiding tourists, you might have to change your travel plans and head to Italy in the off season.