Woman looking out hotel window

You May Want To Skip Complimentary Hotel Breakfasts. Here's Why

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


Hotel breakfasts are always a nice treat, but be careful which you choose. Not all hotel breakfasts are as delightful as they seem, especially in budget establishments.
"If your hotel serves like a hot continental breakfast, whatever, eggs, waffles, stuff like that, don't eat that s***!" said Brandi Augustus, a hotel industry worker, on TikTok.
The reason is an alarming lack of sanitation. From recycling waffle batter to reusing cleaning cloths, hotels cut corners on essential hygiene standards when preparing breakfast.
Many users corroborated Augustus' claims. "She's not lying!! I worked at IHG for years and they don't want ya changing food after hours setting out, that's waste," one wrote.
Augustus endorsed establishments with an actual chef and gave the two thumbs up to Double Tree hotels. She also noted that Embassy Suites usually has stellar breakfast spreads.