Beach in Hydra, Greece

You Won't Believe The Beaches At Rick Steves' Favorite Greek Island

By Jenna Busch


Travel expert Rick Steves' favorite Greek island is the quiet Hydra. It has beautiful beaches and a relaxed atmosphere, with donkeys being the main form of transportation.
The big draw of Hydra is its lovely beaches. Visitors will love swimming at Agios Nikolaos, which has pebbles, sand, chairs, umbrellas, and a beachside bar.
Spilia Beach has stone platforms and deep waters, making it perfect for diving. You can take a staircase to the shore, which goes along the bar — perfect for relaxation.
If you have kids, Kaminia Beach (also called Baby Beach) has shallow water and tiny fish swimming around. Grab some cocktails from the bar while your little ones splash around.
To get to Hydra, take the ferry from Athens' Piraeus for about $42 each way. You'll arrive at Hydra Town's port, with its hills of whitewashed homes and historic Cathedral Church.