Colorful houses in Greece

You'll Have The Whole Place To Yourself At This Charming Greek Island

By Jenna Busch


If you want a Greek vacation in a sleepy and quaint spot with few crowds and charming spots to explore, head to Chalki Island, a gorgeous, 11-square-mile spot.
Chalki has been ruled by many countries and only became part of Greece in 1948. You can walk to most places on the island, including a medieval castle and lovely beaches.
Chalki is a little over an hour away from Rhodes by ferry, around $23 each way. When you get to Nimporio port, wander the streets full of colorful shops and dine by the water.
The island's beaches are great for swimming. The ones closest to Nimporio (like Potamos and Ftenagia) have more amenities, but the ones further away have even more privacy.
Chalki is a serene destination, and you can spend hours wandering the old footpaths and absorbing the peace. You can also visit a 14-century castle and several religious buildings.