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Your Guide

To Using AI To Plan Your

Next Road Trip

By Leslie Veliz


First, pick a platform to plan your road trip. ChatGPT is free, but there are also platforms specifically for road trips, like Roadtrips.ai, AdventureGenie, and Curiosio.
All of these platforms have their nuances — for example, AdventureGenie caters to RV road trips. If you want a no-frills option, ChatGPT or Roadtrips.ai might be best for you.
More Info
If you use a platform like ChatGPT or Roadtrips.ai, you must have a detailed prompt. If you don't, you'll get a watered-down itinerary that won't be as useful.
To get the best results, type when you want to go, the dates, your budget, preferences, what you want to focus on (such as history or nature,) and activities you want to see or do.
When we entered a specific prompt, ChatGPT presented us with an itinerary that included suggestions for what to do on each day of the trip, where to stay, and what to eat.
This was all spot on with the parameters provided, but ChatGPT does not provide specific pricing and advises travelers to make reservations.