Taveuni Main


Taveuni is sometimes called Fiji's "Garden Isle," and while it has spectacular landscapes, the island is best known for its diving - some of the finest in the South Pacific.

But this is not diving for the novice. Sites in the Somosomo Strait, a narrow channel between Taveuni and the larger island of Vanua Levu, are renowned for their amazing walls of soft corals - and for the strong currents that can unsettle beginning divers. For the experienced, the rewards of diving the famed 20-mile-long Rainbow Reef include tropical fish beyond count (one site that lives up to its name: The Fish Factory, home to rainbow-colored corals that attract schools of golden damselfish and blue-and-gold fusiliers), plus sharks, sea snakes, and manta rays.

Taveuni's has plenty of topside attractions, too, from traditional Fijian villages to tropical rain forests adorned with ferns and orchids, laced with hundreds of waterfalls, and populated by a curious collection of native birds (including the Peale's pigeon, whose call sounds like the barks of a dog). The hiking may be as rewarding as the diving. And there's even a nine-hole golf course, but you didn't really come here to work on your short irons, right?