10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for that Special Traveler in Your Life

From luggage to sunglasses, you won’t need Cupid’s arrow to fall in love with this gear.
The Suncatcher beach totes from designer Sidney Byron.
It’s not quite beach season just yet, but it is time to pick out a perfect gift. Sidney Byron

Flowers are great and candy is delicious, but no Valentine’s Day gift is as inspirational and fulfilling as travel. For starters, the gesture of telling someone you want to travel with them is a serious step, and then doing it again? That’s admitting that you’re willing to look past the little quirks and flaws you discovered on your first trip together. That’s basically as big as “I do.”

While there are a ton of travel deals for Valentine’s Day, don’t lose sleep over deciding where to go or how many days to book. Let’s first focus on finding the best gifts for inspiring travel, and then you can worry about who gets the middle seat on your flight to the Maldives or Fiji.

Alltimate 3-in-1 Carry-On Travel System

Wrinkle-Free Packing Made Easy With the Alltimate 3-in-1 Carry-On Luggage from Micromercial on Vimeo.

You’ve probably seen ads in your social media feeds for those really cool garment bags that tuck a suit or dress away nicely before rolling up into a convenient duffel. Some have creative design elements like shoe pockets that help keep the bag from being smushed, and others have a laptop slot that uses your computer as the bag’s base, which doesn’t really sound all that smart. 

But the best design we’ve seen in action—at this year’s PGA Show, where it was featured in the inventor’s spotlight—is the Alltimate 3-in-1 Carry-On Travel System, which is a bag that reminds a traveler what’s at the core of this concept: a garment bag and a duffel. Conceived with exceptional function and style, this bag is all about versatility for people who live out of their luggage on vacation. Other styles unfold and leave the non-hanging attire with no place but the hotel room’s dresser drawers, which is where things go to be lost. 

This style has the garment bag wrapping around the duffel so they can be separated when unpacking, allowing the foldables to remain folded and the hanging items to head to the closet. And those other bags? They might fit a suit and a dress or two suits on a good day, but this one has more space and allows for up to four items. Go ahead and make a weekend of it.

Fin-Nor Tilloo

How many pairs of sunglasses must be ruined by the elements on boating excursions before a tropical traveler realizes it is time to invest in a high-quality pair that combines durability and style? For me, it was four. Two have sunk as sacrifices to Poseidon, reinforcing my new belief in more buoyant designs, and two have been scratched to heck and back by a combination of salt and a clumsy owner. Enough is enough, enter the Fin-Nor Tilloo.

Named for Tilloo Cay in the Bahamas, this unisex style is first and foremost, ideal for all aspects of travel, from the resort pool to the deep-sea fishing excursion. Obviously, given the company’s legacy in big game fishing, that latter part matters most. All of Fin-Nor’s sunglasses were developed with the Lateral Line technology that allows anglers to see the water with no obstacles, so it’s the perfect storm of looking good and hauling in the day’s fresh catch.

Costa Travel Backpack 30L

A lot of travelers think a backpack is just a backpack, but when you’re heading somewhere adventurous, your most important bag needs to have some exceptional qualities. The new Costa Travel Backpack 30L is big enough to handle all the gear you’ll need for a quick weekend escape but is far more crucially built for the most rugged situations, especially when you plan to be around the water a lot. Can’t risk having your laptop splashed.

Even if you overpack, this bag was designed to carry extra gear on the outside with a convenient daisy chain and there are even two side pockets for water bottles. Stay hydrated, friends.

Sidney Byron Suncatcher Carryall Pouch and Tote Set

The Sidney Byron Suncatcher Carryall Pouch and Tote Set.
Keep the hat on the outside and carry more on the inside. Sidney Byron

Sometimes a backpack is a little too much and you just need a bag that handles the basics for the most important moments of any tropical vacation: sitting by the pool or lounging on the beach. The Sidney Byron Suncatcher Carryall Pouch and Tote Set covers all the bases, with the right size and depth to handle multiple towels, a book, tablet, sunglasses, change of clothes, and even a few toys if they kids are tagging along.

The cherry on top for this stylish bag is a clever design that allows for that big, floppy beach hat to be stored on the outside of the bag, leaving more space inside for the water guns that will keep the kids occupied for as long as it takes to knock a few more chapters out.

Himiway Cruiser Electric Bike

If it’s not clear by now, the Himiway Cruiser is one of our favorite products of all-time, as it is an electric bike built for everything from daily commute to exploring trails. And while it’s not a bicycle built for two, this style would be great as a pair for any couple ready to explore a quiet beach town or national park for a quick road trip getaway. Just be sure to get a great bike rack for the car.

Breeo Y Series Smokeless Fire Pit

The Breeo Y Series portable smokeless fire pit.
The Y Series was specifically designed to make bringing the heat easier. Breeo

For those times when you can’t travel, you still have plenty of options for making your own backyard seem like a perfect getaway, like a Breeo Y Series smokeless fire pit. But what makes the Y series so great and somehow better than the larger X series products, is that it is portable. 

So, a couple that wants to make a little fire in the backyard for snuggling, stargazing, and s’mores won’t have to go far, but if they want to get away, they can still pack this bad boy up and take the snuggles to the campground as well.

MagBOOM Portable Speaker

Just when we think that portable Bluetooth speakers can’t get any smaller and more convenient without sacrificing sound quality, another product comes along and reminds us that anything is possible. We always recommend having a headphones splicer for when you’re sharing one device to watch a movie on an airplane, but what about when you’re sitting on the terrace of your secluded villa and want to watch The White Lotus in between trips to the beach or simply enjoy your most romantic music playlists on something better than your phone?

The MagBOOM Portable Speaker is one of the best devices a traveler can ask for, because it is small and takes up very little space in a backpack, and it also uses a suction cup to attach to the phone or tablet. That means not only are you less likely to accidentally leave it anywhere, but you can also use it as a stand. These guys think of everything.

Solo Mesa

The Solo Mesa tabletop smokeless fire pit.
When the mood strikes, it’s easy to get this fire roaring. Solo Stove

One of the best products I added to my backyard oasis in 2022 was the Solo Stove Mesa, which is a compact tabletop fire pit that is great for a little extra warmth when the Sunday Night Football game is running long and even better when the kids want to make s’mores but you don’t want to get the whole fireplace roaring and stay up later to make sure it goes out. 

If there’s one drawback of the Mesa, it’s that it doesn’t burn that long, which also means you need to be vigilant about adding more chips. Or, the better solution is the Solo Stove Mesa XL, which will soon be available and offers longer burn, better size for squeezing a few more marshmallows around the table, and more heat, all while remaining smokeless. Add a Mesa Toolkit to the mix and your outdoor Valentine’s Day celebration is all set.

Linksoul Women

Men have known for some time that Linksoul doesn’t just make great golf clothing and accessories—the company makes extremely comfortable loungewear as well. When I stopped by the brand’s exhibit at the PGA Show in January, I heard whispers about the long-awaited women’s line finally dropping soon, so naturally it is here just in time for Valentine’s Day. Get ready to be blissfully lazy.

If they are as comfortable and durable as the men’s Saturday Pant or Anza Lounge Pant, the Women’s Everyday Leggings will be a massive hit. But women who want to curl up in a ball and feel pampered will probably want the double-knit hoodie and matching early riser short. Or, just do what I do whenever anything new drops and get one of everything.

FlyWithWine Wine Grande 12-Bottle

The FlyWithWine Grande 12-Bottle roller suitcase.
No longer will travelers have to wrap their clothes around a few bottles and spend the flight home praying everything ends up dry. FlyWithWine

One travel secret that I keep locked up pretty well is where to score the best American whiskey in the Caribbean. I’m sure a lot of people know which island’s airport duty free shop sells Weller and which destination’s capital city has a cheese store with more Blanton’s than every liquor store in your hometown combined. But I’m not ready to share all that just yet, at least not until my next haul.

What I will share is a great way for oenophiles to get their favorite bottles home from paradise: the FlyWithWine Grande 12-Bottle rolling case. In addition to storing your clothing and accessories, this creative piece of luggage can also fit up to 12 bottles of wine and spirits, which are protected by foam inserts that will keep everything safe and dry. 

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