Viti Levu Main


Of the 400 or so islands that make up the nation of Fiji, Viti Levu is the largest - and a cultural crossroads of the South Pacific. But even with its international airport in Nadi (pronounced NAN-dee), Viti Levu is sometimes overlooked by visitors eager to hop off to one of Fiji's enchanting outlying isles.

Viti Levu is not so much a beach getaway (the best beaches and diving are along the Coral Coast on the west side of the island), as a place rich with the possibilities that come with tropical mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and traditional Fijian villages. Hiking, rafting (including trips on bamboo rafts), meke (story-telling dances) and kava ceremonies are all on the daily menu.

And it's even possible to enjoy a taste of city life in the capital of Suva. The Fiji Museum is worth a visit (you can even arrange a ride on a traditional drua, a double-hulled canoe), but the real treat is the municipal market, where you stroll amid a sea of fruits, vegetables, and seafoods - and shop for both Indian spices and kava roots.