Wallpaper Week: The Most Stress-Free Island

Turks and Caicos

ISLANDS photographer Zach Stovall is a low-stress guy by nature. Visiting nearly all the islands of the Caribbean will certainly calm you down. So when writer Edward Readicker-Henderson was looking for the most stress-free island in the world, we pointed him to Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos. While being on Grand Turk is the best way to lower your stress, downloading this Grand Turk wallpaper certainly doesn't hurt either. Just make sure that you put yourself in this photo, at least metaphorically. Are you sitting at that bar, ordering a cold one, listening to the waves, watching the sunset? Ooooh, that's relaxing. Download the free wallpaper now.

And for more of Zach and Edward's experience on Grand Turk, see the ISLANDS Wish List: Relax on the Most Stress-Free Island photo essay.