What Island Would You Retire On?

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Exuma, Bahamas. We have a quarteracre block here but are waiting to earn enough to build our home. The land has 360-degree views of the island and is at the highest point, so those views will never be spoiled. Johnny Depp just bought a place here. -Toni Tonge

St. Maarten. The beautiful views and the coexistence of the Dutch and French demonstrate how we should all get along. -Steve Baumgartner

St. John. I've already retired to a barrier island on the Space Coast of Florida. If I could do it again, I'd retire on St. John. It's only two hours from Miami and close to St. Thomas. -Kay Roney

The Big Island. I used to live there and can't wait to move back. I miss waking up to birds chirping, the balmy island breezes and the smell of jasmine in the air. Nothing can replace the aloha spirit of the people, the sensation of sand in your toes at every moment and finding avocados the size of grapefruits. I was happy every day in my island life. -Heather Roloff

Catalina Island. I would actually stay in California. It keeps me close to home and family. -Sy Ochoado

A Deserted Island. I always kid that I'll retire on a deserted island. All I want is a private island with a hammock. The coconut, banana and mango trees would provide all the food I'd need. A knife and a flint rock to start a fire would help too. -Monica VenzLaff

Long Island. Retiring in paradise doesn't have to mean leaving the United States. There is so much to see right here. I retired on Long Island, New York, and live in the same harbor village where I was born. -George Moraitis

Everywhere. With so many choices, how can you ever decide? Why not retire on a yacht? I'd sail from island to island, experiencing the different culture, cuisine, scenery and lifestyle that each island has to offer. _-Lorena Sita__ _