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Why Your Next All-Inclusive Vacation Should Be to Cozumel

More than just a scuba diving destination, this Caribbean island is making a name for itself as an all-inclusive hot spot for travelers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of mainland Mexico.

Playa Palancar beach
Cozumel's Playa Palancar.Quintana Roo Tourism Board

Think about it. Gourmet buffets open at all hours and bartenders standing by to take your drink order; you could take a dip in the pool or maybe at a secluded beach, all within a stone’s throw of exciting activities above and below water.

Formerly known as Kuzamil, which means "Island of the Swallows" in Mayan, the Mexican island of Cozumel is widely known as a scuba divers playground, located in the Caribbean Sea, off the eastern coast of Mexican's Yucatan Peninsula. Publications like Scuba Diving magazine have honored the island year after year as a top destination in their annual Readers' Choice awards, but did you know it's also a budding all-inclusive destination?

The largest island in the Mexican Caribbean, Cozumel is ringed by more than 40 dive sites teeming with tropical fish and multicolored reef formations.Quintana Roo Tourism Board

To have a great all-inclusive vacation, the following are necessities: great food, inventive drinks, stunning swimming pools, recreation options and, let’s not forget, a great beach. But what makes an all-inclusive vacation truly great is a resort situated in a stunning location.

All-inclusive typically means that you should have everything you want right at your fingertips, with no need to leave the resort property, but with an all-inclusive stay in Cozumel you will have everything you need plus several reasons to want to leave. The island is full of adventure, making this the perfect destination for the traveler looking for the best of both worlds.

Discover Mexico park
The Discover Mexico park offers tours and interactive activities, such as touring a chocolate factory, creating authentic crafts, and even exploring Mexico’s rich culture in a multiscreen video room.Quintana Roo Tourism Board

The San Gervasio archaeological site on the island of Cozumel delivers quite the history, but with less crowds. Mayan women used to make pilgrimages to this site to pay tribute to Ixchel, their goddess of love and fertility. In fact, it is one of the oldest traditions in the Mexican Caribbean called "the Sacred Mayan Journey", which takes place in May. Hundreds of volunteers canoe every year from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel to worship the goddess Ixchel.

If you are traveling with a history buff or looking to learn more about the Mayan culture, this is the topside experience for you.

Chankaanab Park
Chankaanab Park is a popular location for divers.Quintana Roo Tourism Board

With warm waters and visibility that can often exceed 100 feet, this island destination is a favorite among scuba divers. Palancar Reef makes up a large stretch on the southwest side of Cozumel where you can expect to find vibrant reefs, wall dives and thrilling drifts. Cozumel is also home to several artificial reefs and is an example and national pioneer in coral restoration.

The island has five natural protected areas: the Colombia and Chankaanab Lagoons, Cozumel Reef National Marine Park and Cozumel Protected Wetlands and Rainforest, as well as the botanical gardens of Chankaanab Park, which boasts more than 350 types of tropical plants from more than 20 countries.

Cozumel snorkeling
Concerned about the preservation of its beautiful reefs, Cozumel has implemented a protection program limiting access to some of the reefs located in the national park, which improves the reefs’ conditions. This strategy conserves the area and ensures more people will be able to enjoy Cozumel—and contribute to its preservation—for years to come.Quintana Roo Tourism Board

With several shallow reef sites and crystal-clear waters, the reefs surrounding Cozumel are nearly perfect for snorkelers looking to take in the marine life below the waves. From May to November, the beaches in Cozumel also become the perfect setting for turtle nesting.

If you’re going to vacation on Cozumel, then why not have the best of both worlds by staying at an all-inclusive resort while still enjoying all this unique island has to offer. All-inclusive properties come in all shapes and sizes, from budget friendly to family friendly and the ultra-luxurious.

Best Value – Scuba Club Cozumel

This property offers exceptional value for those travelers who plan to spend their vacation in the water. You can snorkel or dive 24/7 right from shore at the house reef.

Family Friendly – Allegro Cozumel

This resort is perfect for those traveling with young ones and extended family. Thanks to the dedicated kids club; three pools, with one specifically designed for kids; and water slides and activities, this resort has a lot to offer. The property also features daily and nightly shows and entertainment activities.

Luxury – InterContinental Presidente Cozumel Resort & Spa

With a private beach, upscale spa services and a beachside infinity pool, this resort sets the scene for a luxurious vacation. When you are not relaxing in the serene spa or in one of the ultra-luxe private cabanas, you can even host a private event such as a rehearsal dinner or wedding in one of the elegant ballrooms or lush gardens on site.

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