Wilson Island Main

The Smallest Getaway Being trapped on Wilson Island, it's safe to say, is unlikely to feature in a Survivor episode any time soon. Located at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef, a speck in Capricornia Cays National Park, it's home to one of the most original resorts on any island.

At this resort, six luxury tents have been set up in the foliage, so a maximum of only 12 guests can stay at one time. These select few have their run of sumptuous offshore coral gardens, a white- sand beach where giant turtles breed at night and forests filled with native bird life. There are two hosts running the private operation, including the excellent chef.

Wilson's size is essential to the island's allure. It is beyond small - it's miniscule, covering a little more than 5 acres. No human has ever bothered living here. It takes precisely 10 minutes to walk around it completely at a leisurely pace. If it's not the world's tiniest island getaway, then it must be pretty close.

By Tony Perrottet Read the full story in the June 2008 issue of Islands