10 Must-Haves for Your Tiki Bar

From decor to drinkware, snag these fun items for your tiki bar.

10 Must-Haves for Your Tiki Bar
10 Must-Haves for Your Tiki BarAmazon

You can’t always go to the Tiki bar, but you can bring the Tiki bar to you with these 10 must-have items. From décor to drinkware we’ve got everything you need to make your own Polynesian paradise.

Tiki bar sign
Tiki bar signAmazon

Let your friends and family know the Tiki bar is open with this lighted wall sign. Featuring a bamboo-like frame, this is the perfect piece to hang behind your bar.

Tiki table
Tiki tableAmazon

Outfit your bar with this stylish sculptural table featuring Kanaloa, the ancient Tiki god of the sea. Sometimes symbolized by the squid or octopus, Kanaloa is also considered to be a teacher of magic. We don't know about that, but this table is sure to make your bar magical.

Tiki bar clock
Tiki bar clockAmazon

Just because you hang this Tiki clock on the wall doesn't mean you have to pay attention to the time. After all, it's always 5 o'clock somewhere and that means the bar's open!

Tiki lanterns
Tiki lanternsAmazon

This three-pack of colorful Tiki lanterns will help light up the night when your Tiki bar serves up the after-hours crowd. At 6 inches tall, each refillable lantern lasts up to five hours when filled with TIKI Brand fuel which means you can party into the wee hours of the night.

Tiki pillow cover
Tiki pillow coverAmazon

Nothing says comfy like a pile of pillows and this vintage Tiki pillow cover makes the perfect cozy addition to your Tiki bar. Pillow sold separately.

Colorful tiki mugs
Colorful tiki mugsAmazon

This set of four Tiki tumblers will add some color and style to your Tiki bar. Serve up your favorite cocktail and your friends will feel like they're transported to a tropical paradise.

Bamboo Straws
Bamboo StrawsAmazon

Sipping cocktails is infinitely more fun with these bamboo straws. Made of biodegradable paper, these straws won't put any plastic into the environment so our beaches and oceans will stay beautiful for years to come.

Glass tiki mugs
Glass tiki mugsAmazon

This classic Tiki mug has a hefty 15 ounce capacity which makes it perfect for serving up Mai Tais, Pina Coladas, or the tropical drink of your choice. Dishwasher safe for easy clean up, these sturdy glass mugs will bring the perfect Polynesian style to your Tiki bar.

Paper drink umbrellas
Paper drink umbrellasAmazon

Whether it's a pina colada or your morning glass of orange juice, any drink is more festive when garnished with a colorful drink umbrella. You can also get creative and use them as toothpicks for appetizers or tuck one behind your hair for tropical flair.

Tiki ice molds
Tiki ice moldsAmazon

These clever 3D Tiki ice molds will cool your cocktail with style. Featuring three different Tikis, these molds slow-melting ice cubes that won't water down your drink.