The Luxury Hotel Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Stayed At On Their Romantic Lake Como Trip

Swiftie see, Swiftie do. With Taylor Swift reigning as the biggest pop star in the world, it's no shocker that everything she touches turns to gold. Those $695 Y2K denim shorts she rocked at her boyfriend Travis Kelce's football game? They sold out like hotcakes. The "New Heights" podcast cap she sported at Coachella? Gone in a flash. And let's be real, if every Swiftie had thousands of dollars just lying around, they'd be tripping over themselves to book that lavish Lake Como villa where Swift and Kelce cozied up after her Paris show. FYI, that Paris gig was one of the cheapest places to catch Swift abroad.


Swift and Kelce, affectionately dubbed TayVis by fans, jetted off for a dreamy vacation near the iconic Italian lake. Just weeks after their escapade at a little-known Bahamas island, the lovebirds upped the ante with a splurge-worthy stay at the sprawling Villa Sola Cabiati, sister property of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. When fans got wind of this, Islands' research discovered that Google searches for Lake Como skyrocketed by 140% within a week. And though they haven't exchanged vows yet, searches for "Lake Como wedding venue" spiked by 130%.

To be fair, it's quite fitting, considering Lake Como is a go-to celebrity honeymoon destination. Maybe these two were just practicing early? Whatever the case, fans were on a mission to uncover their hideaway, driving searches for "Taylor Travis Lake Como" up by a whopping 1,350%. Their detective work paid off, too, as searches for Villa Sola Cabiati saw a nice bump. Told you everything she touches turns to gold!


A stay in Villa Sola Cabiati costs $21,000 per night

Of course, privacy and luxury come with a pretty hefty price tag. Grand Hotel Tremezzo doesn't list the rate of the Villa Sola Cabiati, but Page Six reports that it's around $21,000 per night. But hey, with Swift being a billionaire, that's practically just pocket change. And it looks like it was worth every penny, as booking a stay at the villa is like stepping into a time machine.


The property dates back to the 16th century, later converted into a neoclassical masterpiece by Duke Gabrio Serbelloni's children in the 1700s. Everything from the floors to the artwork to the furniture offers a glimpse into the past. The Serbellonis even went as far as installing the bed slept in by Napoleon and his first wife, Joséphine de Beauharnais, in one of the villa's six bedrooms. Makes you wonder if TayVis snuggled up in that very bed, doesn't it? Each bedroom in the villa has its own bathroom, and the estate boasts a private pool, an exclusive jetty, and a sprawling, private garden with stunning views of Lake Como.

While TayVis was spotted strolling around town, they really didn't need to leave the property. A stay at the Villa Sola Cabiati includes an entire staff at your beck and call — 24/7 — including a butler, private chef, chambermaid, and housekeepers. It looks like they made the most of it, too, as they were spotted having an intimate dinner in the garden.


Cheaper accommodations and things to do in Lake Como

Now, if you don't have a bottomless bank account like Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce do, you don't necessarily have to let go of your Lake Como dreams just yet. There are wallet-friendly options for accommodations in the area. If you, too, want to take a trip down memory lane, the fan-favorite Casa Olea Hotel boasts a 19th-century aesthetic, with rooms starting at €290 (roughly $315) a night. If you want the villa life but don't have the budget to splurge on a luxurious property like the legendary Villa Balbiano, you can book a stay at Villa Matilda, with rates from €250 (around $270) a night. And if you're on the hunt for something modern yet relatively affordable and highly rated, Hotel Regina's suites, with rates as low as €167 or $181 per night, might be more up your alley.


Lake Como has plenty to offer beyond sunbathing, of course. Tripadvisor notes that one of the most sought-after activities is touring the Villa del Balbianello, which was featured in "Star Wars" and the "James Bond" franchise. You can also pay a visit to the Cathedral of Como to feast your eyes on gothic-style architecture or make your way to Orrido di Bellano, where you can gush over a 15-million-year-old gorge. As for the best time to visit? Islands' research shows that Google searches for "best time to visit Lake Como" spiked by 160% after the TayVis vacay. Here's a little secret: Book your trip in the spring, between April and June, for a beautiful Lake Como experience.