4 Farm-Fresh Island Meals

On the islands of Jamaica, Hawaii, St. Croix and Islamorada, Florida, one can enjoy a gourmet meal prepared with fresh ingredients from local farms.


Free-range chicken with dill sauce. Curried callaloo with raisins. Pasta with lime basil pesto. The ingredients for the meal in front of you weren't flown in from around the world. They were grown within eyesight, on the organic farm surrounding you. On the Saturday closest to the full moon. At sunset. Up Red Dirt Road in Jamaica's St. Elizabeth Parish, and into Pedro Plains. Here, a table is set in the middle of Dool's Organic Farm. The air is crisp, smelling of the thyme you're practically sitting in. Hanging lanterns and the night's stars light your plate. The main course changes with the color of the season.


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Big Island, Hawaii

Listen to the stories of the paniolos (Hawaiian cowboys) at a barbecue dinner at the Kahua Ranch, an 8,500-acre working cattle ranch nestled 3,200 feet above sea level in the Kohala Mountains on Hawaii's Big Island. Don't eat too much for dinner — macadamia-nut pie and line dancing are still to come.


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St. Croix, USVI

Indulge in a six-course organic dinner at St. Croix's Creque Dam Farm. A meal of pineapple, soursop, cassava and purple mustard greens is grown, nurtured, picked and cooked by the Virgin Islands Sustainable Farm Institute staff surrounding you. Just don't forget to say "thank you."


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