Layover Remedies

We think layovers have an undeserved bad rap—while they usually conjure images of bored children, uncomfortable seating, and over-priced airport food, we prefer to look towards the exit sign. Here's a peek at what you can do with just a few hours in Grand Cayman, San Juan, London, Oahu, or Aruba. Visit the full articles for the entire guide.

View from Castillo de San Cristóbel
Layover: San Juan "By 10 A.M. I'm standing in the damp dungeon below 500-year-old Castillo de San Cristóbal, once the largest Spanish fort in the New World. Moments ago, I stood high up in a sentry box marveling at the cannons aimed out over the Atlantic." Get the entire half-day guide Layover Remedies: San Juan " | Jon Whittle
London Village Marylebone
Layover: London **With 4 Hours & a Taxi: **It's a pretty easy — and worthwhile — cab ride out to Marylebone, one of London's "villages" and a prominent locale in Sherlock Holmes stories. If there's such a thing as old English ambience, this is it. Get the entire half-day guide Layover Remedies: London " | Thinkstock
Beach - Makapu'u, Hawaii
Layover: Oahu Last stop is Makapu'u Point for the jaw-dropping Oahu view, easily worth the end-to-end scenic drive. Later at airport security, as I take my shoes off and sand spills out, my fellow travelers will see the sun in my eyes. And I'll see the envy in theirs. Get the entire half-day guide Layover Remedies: Oahu " | Thinkstock
Creole Sushi
Layover: Aruba Skip down to Gostoso, a restaurant just minutes from downtown, where you should try the Creole sushi roll, a twist on the dish using fried plantains instead of rice, plus crab, salmon and a delicious mystery ingredient I can't place. Get the entire half-day guide Layover Remedies: Aruba " | Jon Whittle