Mid-Century Meets Surf Style At This Newly Revamped Waikiki Beach Hotel

The Twin Fin offers vintage Hawaii vibes and mellow, approachable waves to ride.

Do you fancy a surf-inspired trip to Hawaii but don't exactly consider yourself the next Kelly Slater? 

The new Twin Fin, opening in November following multi-million-dollar renovations to what was formerly the Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel, might be just the spot for your next active Hawaiian vacation. 

Small to medium-size surf rolls in regularly right in front of this beachfront hotel, making it a perfect base whether you're just getting started with your first surf lessons or have already mastered paddling into a wave and standing like a pro.

Designed to be a place to connect with the local Hawaiian community and a hub of local art and music, the hotel takes its name from the dual-finned surfboard that's a go-to among the wave-riding set for catching mellow, cruisy waves (read: not Pipeline). 

The whole place has a tropical and sunny aesthetic, with mid-century modern design meeting contemporary touches and fun complimentary amenities to make use of during your stay that include custom-printed surf ponchos and complimentary Twin Fin-branded phone mounts you can affix to your surfboard to record as you ride.  

Twin Fin exterior
Nothing but love for this legendary surfing destination from its newest hotel. | The Twin Fin

Even the staff gets into the surf theme, with uniforms designed by a local company. And the hotel's fun programming includes rotating DJs and musicians to round out the post-surf vibes, talk story sessions, star gazing activities, and vinyl nights. The resort fee even includes credits to put toward surfboard, stand-up paddle board, and other water sport rentals. 

Prefer to watch waves rather than ride them? You can, of course, do that at the beach out front or even right within the hotel's lobby. Real-time surf conditions will be broadcast on the large video wall thanks to Twin Fin's partnership with Surfline, a wave forecasting and surf report website.