The Sea Is Your Spa: The Healing Waters Of Molokai

Many travelers who head to Hawaii take part in the big three "S"s—sea, sand, and spa—and spend a bundle doing it. But for a truly healing experience, head to Molokai where the three "S"s are one in the same on the sunny, isolated north shore. Here, the waters are purported to have "pico," the basic resource of life. Bury yourself in the sand, and your aching muscles will be soothed. Dive under the waves, and your sinuses will be cleared. Spend enough time in these mystical waters, and even depression, it's said, will be lifted.

Although the water in Molokai is free to all, it's not easy to reach. Actually, Molokai itself requires a bit of intrepidness; you must first make your way to the island of Maui, and then puddle hop by plane or ferry to the remote outer island. Once there, pico isn't something you find in a guidebook, but something you find in the people, says island native Julie Bicoy. You'll need the help of locals to find the sacred shore. But before long, you'll be buried in healing sand, swimming in the soothing sea, and relaxing on a private beach of snowy sand – at possibly the best, and last spa, you'll ever need.

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